O Pioneers By Willa Cather Analysis

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The Impressionable Years
Many things influence a person’s overall perception and opinions about the world around them, such as their education, geographic location of upbringing, or religious views. All of these factors, combined with countless others, shape each person into who they are and how they interact with society. The time period a person lives through is another exceptionally important contribution, as it is creates the entire backdrop of their experiences -- socially, economically, and politically. A psychoanalytical look at O Pioneers! by Willa Cather, explains how the social and cultural implications of Willa’s life are transferred to this piece of literature. I believe that Willa Cather created the primary, male characters in O Pioneers! based on the unfortunate experiences she had with men in her early adulthood, which caused these strongly biased characters, while the female characters are given exaggerated positive personality traits.
The adolescent and young adult stages in a person’s life are impressionable years, which is clearly demonstrated by Willa Cather’s ability to so vividly recall the details of rural Nebraska, despite only living there from the ages of nine to sixteen. However, in those seven short years, young Wilella - her birth name - met many questionable “mentors” who held great significance and responsibility in the life choices she pursues. The first of these shady characters in need of assessment is a man by the name of William Ducker.
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