O Sweet Juliet Thy Beauty Hath Made Me Effeminate Analysis

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nother example of how Romeo’s emotions guide his actions is in Mercutio's death scene,” O sweet Juliet, thy beauty hath made me effeminate”. This quote basically means that Romeo is saying that Juliet’s beauty had made him “effeminate” or showing characteristics regarded as typically of a woman. This means that he is blaming himself and his affection for Juliet for Mercutio’s death. If he hadn’t acted “effeminate”, then Mercutio wouldn’t have to die.This shows how Romeo’s emotions guide his actions because in the last scene mentioned he was praising Juliet’s beauty but now Romeo is regretting the fact that he hadn’t fought Tybalt because of his affection for Juliet.This shows how his emotions change his perspective because in the scene mentioned

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