OB Intrapartum Reflection: My Experience As A Nurse

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Amy Juenger / Critical Incident / OB Spring 2016 WHAT: On April, 4th 2015, I was assigned to OB intrapartum to assist and experience vaginal births. I was excited to experience this for the first time and was able to observer and help assist the nurse with two vaginal births; these two families were of different cultures but believed the same after birth care. The mother that I am going to expand on was Asian and spoke Chinese and English and was married to an American male who only spoke English. Mom was prim gravida and was given an epidural; she was very calm, sweet and did not show any signs of fear or anxiety about her first delivery. The father on the other hand, seemed as if he was not sure what to do or how to react before, during and after the delivery. Dad even stayed up at the head of the bed during delivery and did not want anything to do with watching the actual…show more content…
I thought I was going to be nervous and totally forget the skill I learned in lab, but I felt confident and eager to do the skill. My instructor walked me through it and was patient with me as I was very slow and cautious for my first time making sure not to break sterile technique. My instructor said I did great and the patient was sweet and even said it was not bad at all even though she had an epidural. NOW WHAT? Next time, I want to check on my patient’s ethnicity before I meet them so I can recap and research on what their cultural beliefs are. Being proactive will make me be on top of the situation and be prepared for what is to be expected from me for when they ask for their cultural preferences during and after delivery. I honestly think that this day was pretty perfect. I cannot think of anything else that I would do differently, but I am assuming that in time and as I become a better skilled and educated nurse, I will adjust my nursing skills and organizations
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