OBU ACCA BSC Hons RAP on Topic 8 - The Business and Financial Performance of an Organization over a three year period

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After that I will calculate and then interpret financial ratios using information that I gathered during my initial research. Then, using appropriate business models and techniques I will try to comprehend the effects of the macro-environment on the policies and operations of the Company. I will also try to verify and validate my assumptions through different information sources. I intend to use both primary and secondary sources to gather and validate information about the Company. Then on the basis of my analysis I will draw conclusions and will give recommendations accordingly. Honda Atlas Cars [Pak] Ltd 4 Research and Analysis Project Information gathering and business models used 5 Sources of Information: Two sources could be exploited for the purpose of information collection; The Primary and the Secondary sources. Primary Information sources are those that are closest to actual event, time period or individual in question. These present original thinking and observations such as original research used to write journal articles, reporting on original scientific studies, experiments or observations (Solomon, Wilson and Taylor, 2011). Secondary sources of information consist of descriptions and explanations that are created after a historical event has already taken place (American BookWorks Corporation, 2010). Information Gathering: Primary Information: Followed by telephonic calls I paid a visit to the Company’s office

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