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Narrative Report on the Job Training Introduction: Our school, General de Jesus College let us students to engage and experience the things happening in the actual world of Business through our On-The-Job-Training(Internship) in banks, auditing firms, and other business establishments related. We have given 250 hours to undergo and pursue this training that will help us to acquire knowledge and skills that will serve as a tool to face the challenges of life in the future. It will set our mind of what does a real world of accounting is all about. Others think that accounting matters only on numbers or quantitative information; however, it also matters or related in decision making and business operations. It also…show more content…
 Confidentiality All financial and non financial date are confidential in nature. So we should not disclose it with third parties. The transactions are all about thousands and even millions of peso so that we should not disseminate it to the public particularly the withdrawals or deposits taken by the NRLBSL or the client involved. What we have heard or seen in the bank, will leave in the bank.  Professional Behaviour We are in the actual workplace, so we are practicing the world of professionalism that’s why we must act as professionals and we should maintain our behaviour in and outside the establishment. And I think we have complied with relevant laws and regulations of NRBSL and avoided any action that discredits us from our internship.  Enthusiasm On my training session, I have given more importance on it. At first, I thought that it’s not easy to take OJT because there are lots of tasks and activities to be assigned and performed. But in enthusiastic way, “Even if you are tired, don;t stop on your work, stop when you’re done”, and that’s really true to become Productive.  Politeness We should respect our employee/ co-workers all the time. Always greet the clients, employees, officials, and co-trainees or smile at them at chances.  Punctuality To be a productive person you need to be punctual. There should be no space of being late as the saying goes by that “Time is gold”.
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