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Statistical Process Control:
A process that monitors standards by take measurements and corrective action as needed. It is in control when only variation is natural, if variation is assignable then discover cause eliminate it. Take samples to inspect/ measure- reduce inspection time, reduce opportunity of bad quality. Control charts graph of process data over time-show natural and assignable causes. Control charts for variable data (characteristic that is measured, length,height, etc) are X-chart (average) and R-chart (range)must use x and r to get correct results. central limit theorem follow normal curve. When we know . When we don’t know . Control charts for attributes (categorical-defective, good/bad) P-chart (percent) or C-chart
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{Build the Supply Base: supplier selection1. supplier evaluation- find potential suppliers, supplier certification (qualification, education, certificationISO 9000,14000). 2. Supplier development- integrate supplier in system, quality require, product specs, schedule/delivery, procurement polices, training, engineer/production help, information transfer procedures. 3. Negotiation- significant element, strategies: Cost based price model (open books to supplier, based on time and materials) Market based price model (based on published, auction, index prices: commodities) Competitive bidding (most common, no longterm relationship, request for rfq). 4. Contracting- share risks, benefits, incentives. Centralized purchasing, E procurement (online catalogs/exchanges, online auctions).} Logistics MGT- obtain efficient operations through integration of all material acquisition, movement, and storage activities. Frequent for outsourcing, allow competitive advantage from reduce costs and improve customer service. 1.Shipping systems: truck(flexible, moves majority manufactured goods) rail( large loads, containers) Airfreight( fast/flexible light loads, expensive) water( used for bulky low value cargo, oldest way of transportation) Pipelines( transport oil, gas,

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