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Maria Voss Voss 1 Mrs. Flowers 8 October 2013 Arguing A Position Paper World Benefits When Buying Local Global warming, pollution, and dwindling fossil fuels will always be the conservational problems if nobody starts to buy local grown foods. Katherine Spriggs, author of the essay, “On Buying Local,” explains how having a large variety of foods at all times of the year is not worth the negative effects in the communities and their economies (Spriggs 92). As a community, many environmental challenges are being faced; Buying local will help bring advantages to not only the environment, but also the small towns and the…show more content…
However, agriculture is the central issue. While pesticides are being used to keep crops alive, a benefit to farmers, the natural ecosystem is not exactly experiencing the same effect; the ecosystem is being destroyed. An effective way agriculturists can improve on decreasing the amount of pesticides is to use continuous production, where it is reusing the fields, without wasting and hurting them. Another important environmental issue is the waste of energy and fuel used when transporting crops across the country. Semi trucks consume a large amount of fuel and give off a large amount of pollutants when driving long distances. Spriggs includes that interstate trucking is expensive both financially and ecologically (Spriggs 97). Buying locally would eliminate the waste of energy and fuel from driving city to city. The food is also handled more when having to be transported across the states. The less hands we have on our food, the cleaner it is. Besides the environmental factors, another point would be that small farms benefit greatly when consumers buy locally grown foods. Small, locally owned farms Voss 3 usually are more reliable and consumers are willing to pay a larger sum of money for the goods. The produce is usually fresher and comes from a smaller line of handling compared to that from larger farms. Small farmers focus their farming techniques on being sustainable, which includes reducing the use of

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