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LEADSTAR COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT (TMA) FOR OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT WEIGHT: 50% STUDENT NAME Abreham Kelile Kaba ID LMBA0013/2014 BACTH 1ST Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (1 point each) Choose the best answer from the following Questions _C__Q1.One advantage of Just-in-Time (JIT) Management of stock is _____a. It reduces the need to plan and organize _____ b. it removes the need for delivery Quality Control _____ c. it reduces the cost of holding stock within the factory _____ d. it works very well with competitive tendering __A__Q2. ‘Kaizen’ is a. A word meaning ‘continuous improvement’ b. A method of stock control c. A modern way of operating a production line d. Another word for…show more content…
Question1 Take a given hospital in Ethiopia and define hospital operation management as a transformation process. Consider all inputs, processes and the outputs in the hospital operations system and explain each of them. (5 points) ARBAMINCH GENERAL HOSPITAL Arbaminch hospital was established during the regime of Emperor Haile Sillassie in 1961 E.C. Since then; the hospital is one of the busiest and most respected hospitals for the medical treatment of all people. The hospital has over 1000 employees including doctors and other staff members. This 300-bed Zonal health care facility is located in the former province of Gamo-Gofa, Arbaminch town, northwest of Lake Abaya and southeast of Lake Chamo. The mission of the hospital is to provide Quality health care to people. To accomplish this mission, three objectives have been out lined by the chief executive officer of the hospital (CEO). 1. Maximize Customer Service to increase customer satisfaction. 2. Minimize costs to remain competitive and 3. Minimize fluctuations in workforce levels to help stabilize area employment. The hospital’s operations are segment into eight major wards for the purposes of planning and scheduling the nursing staff. These wards are listed in the following table along with the number of beds, targeted patient-to-nurse ratios, and average patient census for each ward.
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