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SUB: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 1. Production planning functions can be broadly identified as a) Estimating , routing , distribution b) Estimating, routing, scheduling c) Estimating, distribution, collection d) Distribution, collection, scheduling 2. For efficient process of order picking by personnel, communication plays a vital role in any Organization and the directives they need to have are ____, _____ and _______. a) Simple, clear and straight b) Straight, clear and easy c) Precise, timely and appropriate d) Accurate, timely and sufficient 3. The three major functions of any business organization are _______, _______ and ______. a) Coordinating, organizing, delegating b) Organizing, supervising,…show more content…
Which of the following is correct? a) Both are true b) Both are false c) True and false respectively d) False and true respectively. 8. The method used mainly where transportation costs either for distribution of products or collection Of materials from different suppliers is the main criterion. a) Centre of gravity method b) Break even analysis c) Point rating method d) Factor rating method 9. PDCA stands for ________. a) Prepare, Develop, Control, Act b) Plan, Develop, Coordinate, Analyze c) Product, Development, Cost, Analyze d) Plan, Do, Check, Ac 10. Success of JIT depends upon a lot of ________ and _______. a) Preparation and committed implementation b) Teamwork and technology c) Cooperation and effort d) Information technology and planning 11. Write short notes on the following : (I) CPM Vs. pert technique (III) Advantages of matrix organization (IV) Commission of projects 12. a. How would operations strategy for a service industry be different if any from that for a manufacturing industry? (It’s an example & explains) b. What are the levels of aggregation in forecasting for a manufacturing organization? How should this hierarchy of forecasts be linked and used? 13. How would forecasting be useful for operations in a BPO (Business processes outsourcing) unit? What factors may be important for this industry? Discuss. 14. A good
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