OPHD Investigation Report

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9. Please explain how these messages were different than the text messages the Investigator referenced on pages 7 – 9 of the Report; They are the same messages that were in the Timeline, initial packet of documents and early emails I sent to the Investigator. These text messages establish that there was a pattern of physical and emotional abuse from the Complainant against me, which substantiates my reflexive and instinctive reaction to act in self-defense, being validly afraid of physical harm from the Complainant on the night of the incident. I was given the key by the Complainant, so essentially, Complainant violated this Conduct Section, and he set me up to have this key. I did not ask for the key and I did not do this on my own. Furthermore, I was let into the building and accompanied that day by the Complainant’s friends and had been escorted around every time prior when I had entered the building. The Appeal Hearing Officer states, “He argued the evidence did not support a finding of physical abuse. However, the…show more content…
Berkeley facilities after the alleged March 10, 2016. The photos show that there are no injuries on the Complainant, and that he freely came and went anywhere he wanted to go on and around the U.C. Berkeley campus after the incident. The photos establish that, in fact, Complainant was able to go to class, to go on lunch dates on campus, that he took photos in parks on campus, that he freely went out with his friends on campus, and that he freely became intoxicated in his dorm room and surrounding areas of campus and became, in the time period immediately following this
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