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OSI Model Introduction Successful communication of any type contains four key characteristics. These characteristics follow: 1. A sender: This is the person who is sending information. 2. A receiver: This is the person the sender is sending the information to. 3. A common language: If the sender and receiver are going to understand each other, they will need a common language and protocol, or specific method of communicating. 4. A common medium: The sender and receiver could choose whether to communicate in person, by telephone, writing or any other method…show more content…
For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the highest level in the model. The application level is where network requests originate. For example, this is the level where someone using a word processing program will originate the command to print using a network computer. Thus, the application level is the link between the user and the network. Some of the required processes at this level include: 1,2 1. Handling different terminal types and file systems. 2. Identification of the incoming communication process. 3. Handling general network access, flow control and error recovery.. 4. Labeling transmitted information by identifying the process, its origin and destination application. Presentation The presentation layer is primarily responsible for the format that will be used to exchange data between two computers.1 In other words, just as the name suggests, this layer makes sure that the other computers in the network can understand what is being sent. The major responsibilities of this layer include: 1. Data encryption/decryption to keep unauthorized people from using accessing the data and make that data available to authorized persons. 2. Data compression/decompression results in faster transmission by reducing the amount of space the data requires. An example of this is removing water from coffee, resulting in "freeze-dried" coffee which is easier to

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