OSU Scholarship Essay

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It's always been a dream of mine to attend OSU like any other normal student. Yes, my GPA isn’t the highest but with my disability teachers referred to me as a “success story”. I have been recently put on a 504 plan for my Anxiety and ADHD. After meeting a decent amount of time, my therapist suggested the plan for my academic anxiety. I don't want the label to throw you off though. I am a very capable hardworking student and if my family and I knew about the plan sooner we would have been proactive from the start. With the plan in place I am confident I will have a successful academic experience and achieve my goals. Throughout high school there was a lot of classes I struggled in, and a lot I succeeded in. Even though some classes were advanced…show more content…
I would always be judged by what I couldn't do, but of course this didn't make me give up. I pushed myself to prove my abilities and show everyone and myself what I'm actually capable of. With the 504 plan in place I now feel confident, and it helps even more to know that i'm not alone. I had a lot of personal things going on my junior and senior year. Everyday i’ve dealt with the constant “you're not good enough” or “you're dumb” when all I needed was a little extra time to grasp the concept. Having this issue all throughout highschool without knowing there was help is frustrating. When people have no faith in your academic performance and constantly remind you, it's draining. I could've given up but I decided to take the judgment and thrive off of it. As a student, I want OSU to give me the chance that I never had to help me achieve my dream and prove to myself, plus everyone else that I actually can do it. I've visited OSU multiple times and everytime I go it feels more and more like home academically and socially. I want to be someone successful and im asking if OSU could give me the opportunity that I never
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