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Permanent Enrollment Number (PEN) :
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a) Students are required to submit all three assignment sets.



Assignment A

Five Subjective Questions


Assignment B

Three Subjective Questions + Case Study


Assignment C

Objective Questions


b) Total weightage given to these assignments is 30%. OR
30 Marks c) All assignments are to be completed as typed in word/pdf.
d) All questions are required to be attempted.
e) All the three assignments are to be completed by due dates (specified from time to time) and need to be submitted for evaluation by Amity University.
( √ ) Tick mark in front of the
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From the final interview, 10 candidates finally selected. The entire process of recruitment and selection took almost 3 months. The selected candidates list then forwarded to the top management for the final approval. HR department informed the candidates that the appointment letters will be sent to those who are selected for the post.
Sreenivas approached several time to the top management about to get final approval of list of candidates for the IT department. Sreenivas informed the IT department also that the delay in the final list announcement as the top

management take some more time. He waited almost 4 weeks. But, no reply at all.
Mr. Raj, the IT manager every day enquired about the latest information about the final list of the candidates and tentative date of induction. Sreenivas faced the difficulty to make any comment on the subject as there was no information from the top management. HR department had to answer many phone calls from out side and inside the organization, as recruitment involved candidates from inside and outside. The employers and employees of the industry, whose relatives got into the final selection process, became regular visitors of the HR department, asking for the finalist. Sreenivas called a meeting of HR team members and once again made a close verification of the entire process. But he couldn't find any fault in any of the recruitment and selection process. As the time went on he became more suspicious about the delay
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