Oak Flats Waste Management

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Introduction Oak Flats is a community in Australia that has a growing population in 2529. Due to an increasing population I started to wonder whether the waste in Oak Flats was in control and how much of this waste is recycled. My aim is to find out how much waste is produced form each household and how much is recycled in each household and depending on my results ways to reduce the amount of waste produced from each household. My investigations have led to their being a moderate amount of waste being produced in Oak Flats community although it’s low it could be lower and I will explain strategies in to how we can reduce the amount of waste and ways to show what can be recycled and what can’t as I surveyed a few houses and found about…show more content…
It will also be easier to deal with, as E Waste is highly toxic when it breaks down. Figure 5 shows the percentage some types of recycling compared to Oak Flats recycling. Oak Flats recycling sits the same with the whole of Australia so they are not behind but still the whole of Australia would benefit by having information packs of what can or cannot be recycled. Due to my investigations 4 out of 10 households now what can and can’t be recycled and only 1 out of 5 households don’t care about recycling. I only interviewed 20 households, which was my aim and was really surprised of how many people aren’t up to date to what can or cannot be recycled. Which makes me believe having a day in which people go around every house and have an information booklet so that people more people will recycle and reduce waste in the whole of Australia instead of just in Oak Flats. On my field trip to Whyte Gully’s I saw a lot of waste that could be reused or sold to other people I saw a lot of plastic bottles which could be recycled, I saw a few balls which weren’t ruined which could’ve been given to younger kids because these items are just taking up space in the dump site and if all these thing weren’t there the place would of lasted for a lot longer instead of being filled and needing to get a new site to bury waste in. How is it Affecting Oak Flats? It isn’t
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