Oakland High School Essay

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Oakland fell into the Alternative Education Law program. Students worked at their own pace and speed to complete school. Oakland High School generally graduated between 15-20 students a year. Several smaller programs existed within the school, such as Region 5, or ALC (Alternative Learning Center) program or Lincoln Tree Farm. Region 5 were for student who were in transition from just being released from either Echo Glenn or Green hill youth jail facilities. They worked with a JRA representatives and would complete school work and prepare to reenter the comprehensive high school setting. They would have no contact with the remainder of the building and programs. This program ended during the 2007-2008 school year.
ALC, was a small program
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It wasn’t until about the year 2000 that the district, said that students had to attend 5 days a week.
In 2007, the school had a change in leadership and had students attend 2 periods per day, mourning class and afternoon class. They would complete a semester's worth of work in 21 days, then focus on 2 additional classes for another 21 days. So that at semester, students would have completed 6 classes like the rest of the building. The only hiccup with this is attendance was so bad, if students missed more than 2 days it was equivalent to missing 3 weeks of school at the comprehensive setting. Students had to have homework logs documenting how many hours of homework they had completed.
The next school year in 2008, the School went to a 3- period day, which worked much better. School always started later, at about 9am, which was the reason why Oakland High School fell under the Alternative Learning Education law, students did not meet the minimum requirements for attending a full day of school. There was only a population of approximately 8-9 teachers up until 2007 when new leadership came in and started to shift to the culture and structure for today. Oakland did not start the accreditation process until the 2007 school year. This was started because students were having difficulty with having their diplomas recognized as a high school diploma, student’s diplomas were not being recognized by the military, colleges, technical education
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