Oasis of the Seas

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Presented exhibits determine four main segments of the cruise tourism market – contemporary, premium, luxury and destinations. The pattern of market segmentation in this market can be described as clustered preferences based on the natural market segments which will be discussed. It is important to note that major players in the industry develop several brands allowing them to cater to the different segments. Cruisers who fall under the contemporary segment account for up to 50% of the industry. The psychographic descriptions provided in exhibit eight label them as escapers (30%), souvenirs (10%) and adrift (10%). All three of these groups are similar in descriptive and behavioural characteristics. Being the most significant of…show more content…
This segment should be given priority after the contemporary segment because the two have commonalities that can be marketed on the Oasis to deliver value which would satisfy their social needs individually. The luxury and destinations segments are similar in that both of them target the upper class or those with healthy disposable incomes including retirees that are at a stage in their lifecycle allowing them to take longer, exclusive cruises often. People on these cruises demand the finest quality in all respects. A formal atmosphere with refined white glove service, along with personalized service accounts for value and satisfaction. Psychologically, these users are above all and deserve the best of the best. Therefore, their lifestyles allow them to be regular and heavy users of cruise vacations. Based on their preference, it can be assumed that these segments are hard core or split loyal to the brands they choose because their attitudes are very enthusiastic towards the type of experience they expect and may be hostile towards anything less. The type of ship is small for both segments, representing the small percentage of the market occupied. Therefore, little priority should be placed on targeting these segments. Users that decide to buy this cruise package will be for the sole psychographic reason of social status to
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