Oaxaca Background

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My background began with my birth in Managua, Nicaragua and my father was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. I remember when I was younger and I thought to my self, "Why do I have a beautiful name with a unappealing last name Pablo"? And "Why do boys use the adjective 'exotic' to describe my beauty"? These questions boggled me until my late teens since my mother was unable to clarify to me my father's background. They divorced when I was 5 years old and the only origin fact she had about my father was that he and his family were Oaxacan Indians. On account of the lack of relationship my siblings and I have with our father, we grew up in the shadows of not knowing our Mexican heritage. Thereupon, I was determine to learn about my heritage through an education…show more content…
I always thought of Mexico's history as a whole, failing to realize that each state in Mexico has its own history, culture, and uniqueness that fortifies Mexico to be rich in culture. article, "Oaxaca" written by Staff gives a magnificent insight of the history of Oaxaca beginning from 1500, 500 b.c. and to today's date. To be candid after reading the article I feel that Oaxaca is underrated and outshine by other exotic places in Mexico. Oaxaca is full iconic ruins build by the Zapotecas. Who in my view have a great amount of similarities between the Mayan group as far as intellectual and creativity. According to, "The Zapoteca were skilled in astronomy and excavation, and leveled the top of a local a local mountain around 450 B.C and created the ceremonial center now called Monte Alban. One of the most densely populated cities in Mesoamerica, Monte Alban is estimated to have had 18,000 Zapotecan residents at its peak" ( Staff). Indeed, that is an astonishing fact I was unaware of as the case may be for other individuals who are unenlightened of what Oaxaca has to offer in the sense of
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