Ob Case: Humanized Robots? Essay

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1. How successful do you think Helen Bowers’s new plan will be?
Helen Bowers focuses mainly on maximizing company output which involves severe work, rules and behavior. Unfortunately, employees are not agree with Helen’s new conditions and the production of the company is being negatively impacted. Indeed, the elimination of the profit sharing plan and the reduction in pay, for example, decrease employees’ mood. You can’t change a company’s organization as radically as she did because it creates a lot of employee dissatisfactions.
Actually, the positive results of a company are essentials to be successful but, to my mind, Helen is using the wrong way to reach the bottom line. To be successful, a manager must know how to maximize profit
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• Including her new idea - Helen’s new plan is risky and it can cause losing trust and respect what is important for company to function properly.

3. If you were Helen’s consultant, what would you advise her to do?
The first part of the advice would coincide with what the consultant advised Helen to do when she felt, she was to told to “go back to that humanistic nonsense” her father had used. Helen’s way of managing the family’s company and the motivation for change has resulted in a worse state of the company, as she already fails at the basic theory of “the circles to success in business”. She blends out the circle of ethics which places her management strategy at the top line of the top circles. So the first step of the advice is to move back to the company’s former state and focus the center of the circles.
In terms of Helen’s desire and need to make changes to the company to expand and compete against Japanese competitors she’d be advised to change her attitude from forcing fast and radical changes to smaller adjustments following a greater plan. The environmental forces that the company is faced by the Japanese competitors should be met with planned change. That is also why she should start from the healthy state of the company where her father has left the company.
To successfully achieve her goal of a more profitable company Helen must rely on the support of the workforce. As resistance to change is common human behavior the
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