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CASE STUDY 01 (POSTPARTUM) Assessment A 1,000 ml bag of Lactated Ringer's solution containing 10 units of Pitocin (oxytocin) is infusing via an 18 g peripheral IV in the left forearm at 125 ml per hour, with 300 ml remaining in the bag. The IV is patent, without redness or swelling, and can be discontinued when this bag's infusion is complete. 1. Prior to discontinuing the IV Pitocin (oxytocin), which assessment is most important for the nurse to obtain? [pic]A) Vital signs. [pic]B) Vaginal discharge. [pic]C) Uterine firmness. [pic]D) Oral intake. 2. What is the priority nursing diagnosis for Marie, who is experiencing residual effects of epidural anesthesia? [pic]A) Risk for injury. [pic]B) Impaired physical…show more content…
The nurse reassesses the client. 11. Which finding is most indicative that the medication is reaching a therapeutic level? [pic]A) Blood pressure 74/44. [pic]B) Heart rate 94. [pic]C) O2 saturation 85%. [pic]D) Firm fundus. Postpartum hemorrhage is designated as blood loss in excess of 500 ml within the first 24 hours of delivery. 12. Considering the client's history, what etiology is most likely? [pic]A) Perineal laceration. [pic]B) Retained placental parts. [pic]C) Uterine atony. [pic]D) Coagulopathy. Marie is pale, weak, and anxious, but no longer disoriented. Her fundus is firm and is 1 cm above the umbilicus. She is receiving O2 per nasal cannula at 4 liters/minute and has an O2 saturation of 88%. Her vital signs are: BP 74/44, pulse 116 and respirations 26. Her bleeding has slowed considerably. The nurse asks the UAP to bathe Marie and change the bed linens. Marie tells the nurse that her husband went home to pick up their three children and bring them to the hospital. She states that she doesn't want her children to see her this way and asks the nurse to tell Mr. Wilson what has happened. 13. What intervention should the nurse implement to communicate the situation to Marie's husband? [pic]A) Ask the unit clerk to notify Mr. Wilson about Marie's change in condition, but let him know that she is going to be all right. [pic]B) Call Mr. Wilson from the nurses' station to inform him of his wife's status
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