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Peter Peng HCC Chemistry 9/16/13 Ob­Scertainer Lab Report Purpose: What is the configuration or design inside the closed container, known as an Ob­Scertainer? Hypothesis: If there is a steel ball moving within each Ob­Scertainer, then their paths will be changed due to walls and partitions within the Ob­Scertainers, because the steel ball will encounter these obstacles, changing its path to move within the Ob­Scertainer. Conclusion: When doing this experiment, I used my senses of touch and hearing to predict what the inside of the Ob­Scertainers looked like. There…show more content…
I discovered the figure was rigid but also found a little partition across from it. For Ob­Scertainer #8, I knew there was a definite partition. For my initial hypothesis, I suspected it consisted of a single curved line and a single straight one. For my retests, I studied it longer to find it consisted of three straight lines. In my retests of all the Ob­scertainers, I was able to study it longer, leading to more accurate readings. Sounds and feelings were more distinct after first predictions. After developing new methods after series of hypotheses, the insides of Ob­scertainers became clearer. My hypothesis stated walls and partitions will change the path of the steel ball. This is true for 11 of the Ob­Scertainers. Each one contained an obstacle that changed the path of the ball except for #12. This can obviously be seen by looking at the sketches I have compiled. I have 36 in total, 3 for each Ob­Scertainer. I formed a hypothesis for each one, then I took retests to make more accurate readings. In the end, I developed an actual model. This experiment allowed other students and I the chance to use their concentration, pay attention, and create different ways of doing the experiment. With different methods that I developed, I was able to create my own recollections of what I heard and felt. I used a variety of methods (as explained above), such as quickly rolling the ball around the edges, to be sure of no

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