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David Sedaris
Presidential elections are a very big deal in America. Most people have a very strong opinion about whom they think should win, and very few don’t care at all. The months before an election you would have to be both blind and deaf if you didn’t know the election was going on. Signs banners etc are all over peoples’ front yards, it’s all they talk about on TV and radio, and debates and discussions are started within classrooms. The election in 2008 was a very big deal. America could end up having their first ever African American president. Many doubted it was ever going to happen; that America was still trapped in the world of segregation. At the time of an election many people usually think they’re experts on the
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Even the very last sentence in his essay can be interpreted either as a funny comment or a sarcastic mean comment: “Oh, get your own black president.” (l. 287-288). He’s tired of the French constantly talking about Obama and how America “made the right choice in their eyes”.
The on again off again joking gives the essay its style and it works well as comic relief. Some of the jokes are just stupid puns like “I’ll bet you that half of America could elect a half-black president”. Others are actually quite funny like he explains how much he exaggerated about how BBC broadcasted the inauguration of Obama, and how he explains how Americans who threatened to leave the country if Obama was elected should move to right-wing Europe. He also uses humor when explaining Americans’ use of front yard signs and buttons with exaggerations such as “for town slut” and “I am a huge asshole”. You can’t help but laugh when you read things like that among serious campaign slogans for signs and buttons.
Besides the comic relief there are various forms of prejudice explored in the essay. First of all, the fact that every French person David encounters doesn’t believe Americans will elect an African American president is probably the biggest prejudice we can find in the essay. They think Americans are still so narrow-minded that they will look above and beyond his intellectual and leadership abilities and will define him solemnly because of his skin color. They don’t sweeten it

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