Obama Care Viewpoints

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Part I: The Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obama Care was passed and became a law on March 23, 2010, by the former president, Barack Obama. The Act provided insurance to more than 30 million uninsured people by extending Medicaid and arranging federal aid to help the lower and middle-class Americans to buy insurance. This is possible by “offering consumers discounts (known as tax credits) on government-sponsored health insurance plans, and by expanding the Medicaid assistance program to include more people who don’t have it in their budgets to pay for health care.” (Good Morning America) The idea of Americans having reasonable health care started with Teddy Roosevelt, the first president to announce the idea of universal health care, and health care reform. It also became Harriot Truman's platform in 1948 for the Democratic party. Then in the 1960’s major reforms like Medicare and Medicaid, which is basically like socialism programs, are guaranteeing some insurance cover for the Medicaid and the elderly Medicare. This is a controversial topic because Democrats…show more content…
Their views on the requirement for the United States citizens to purchase health insurance was an attack on the Constitution. Saying that it will “destroy the country” and believe that Obama Care will “damage the economy by forcing businesses to spend more money on health care costs” (USA TODAY). Republicans are concern that Obamacare will reduce the economic efficiency of the United States by raising up taxes and putting the financial burden on companies, making them spend more money and time dealing with the cost of employees’ health care. Not all States expanded on Medicaid and those who have chosen not to expand left 5.7 million people in our nation's’ poorest people without coverage options. Republicans felt so strongly about their views that not a single Republican voted for the final version that Obama signed into
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