Obama Constructivism Research Paper

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Today, we are just over 100 days into Donald Trump’s presidency. Within those 100 days, Trump has already made two high-stakes bombings in the Middle East: one in Syria and one in Afghanistan (Hartung). From these two attacks, as well as numerous statements made by the president himself, Trump’s ideas regarding international relations are becoming more and more clear. Unlike Trump, Barack Obama’s thoughts and ideas regarding international relations are murky. However, after comparing numerous international relations theories, the theory that Obama is most congruent with is constructivism. Introduction to Global Politics (Brief Second Edition) describes the central concepts of constructivism as, “[seeking] to understand change. Ideas are social creations. Relationships result from historical processes. Ideas can evolve, replace older ways of thinking” (Lamy et al. 90). Constructivism is the international relations theory that best encapsulates Obama’s time in the White House because his actions and…show more content…
Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State under Nixon and Ford. He has one famous quote that is consistent with the core realist beliefs of statism, self-help, and survival: “A nation’s survival is its first and ultimate responsibility; it cannot be compromised or put to risk” (Lamy et al. 68). In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, Kissinger shared how he felt about how Obama and Kerry handled the attacks in Syria. Kissinger said, “I respect John Kerry for his courage and persistence… The use of force is the ultimate sanction of diplomacy” (Goldberg). There is a stark difference between Kissinger’s and Obama’s ideas regarding Syria. If Obama was a realist, as many people argue, then he would have acted in a way that was much more similar to the ideas that Kissinger expressed. Therefore, Obama is not a
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