Obama Selma Speech

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Ruling the Minds of Men Plato, a great philosopher, once said “rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men” (Plato). He accentuates the importance of rhetoric in persuading the audience to support a cause or take action. In his speech addressed at the 50th anniversary of Selma march, President Barack Obama uses rhetoric to persuade his audience, Americans as a whole, to discourage racism in the United States. President Obama appeals to the rhetorical strategies, uses rhetorical devices, and applies a presentation style; which make his speech effective in terms of rhetoric.
President Obama appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to get his message about racism across to his audience. Throughout his speech, the President refers to the
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He describes the aura of the situation during the Salem March by saying, “the air was thick with doubt, anticipation, and fear” (Obama). The addition of figurative language engages the audience and keeps them active in the argument. He persuades his audience to support his purpose not only by using rhetorical devices but also using a presentation style that engages the audience. The president uses gestures, facial expressions, and various tones to make his speech effective in
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