Obama 's Plan And How It Would Evolve Over The Next Five Years

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Looking into Clinton’s plan and how it would evolve over the next five years, the themes of access and affordability shine through. She believes that all students should be able to obtain a public post-secondary education (Clinton on the Issues: College, 2016). The current truth is that “access and success in higher education continue to be stratified according to income…” (Eckel & King, 2004). With Clinton’s plan access would increase, and with that enrollment would increase. Increased enrollment at college campuses strikes as an initially positive thought; more students can gain and education and contribute that education to bettering society. However, increase enrollment could lead to increase selectivity, if enrollment increased in extreme enough amounts. State schools, that were founded to offer quality education would now have a larger pool of student to pick from. For the state school’s fortunate enough to the capacity to educate more student’s their success would continue to increase. But what about the state schools that are already struggling with enrollment issues? Will they continue to live out their mission and increase enrollment at the expense of the student’s education quality. For campuses that are already filled with students, larger incoming classes would lead to less enrollment options, larger classroom sizes, and the same campus resources spread thinner across a larger student body. Schools in this category would be forced to decide between decreasing
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