Obama 's Speech : The American Dream

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In 2006, U.S. senator Barack Obama stated in front of a large audience in New England,“It was right here, in the waters around us, where the American experiment began. As the earliest settlers arrived on the shores of Boston and Salem and Plymouth, they dreamed of building a City upon a Hill. And the world watched, waiting to see if this improbable idea called America would succeed.” John Winthrop’s original goal, manifested in Obama’s speech, was to build a city looked up upon by all others. This is what the American Dream is: wealth, fame, good education, equality, liberty, and freedom. The American Dream is not limited to Winthrop, nor did it begin with him. The dream starts even before the Puritans, back during the days of early…show more content…
Starvation, mutiny, and attacks by natives kept the settlers on edge during the early years of the settlement. Smith’s leadership, especially his wit and intelligence with regard to the natives (such as urging colonists not to befriend them, but to keep them scared and propagating them with firearms), are the reason Jamestown still stood after four years. Smith’s impact on the colony was that the colony wasn’t in ruin, and the colonists had another day to live—not even counting how much freedom they held in this (relatively) unexplored land. John Smith inspired (through many exaggerated positive letters, to help with funding) a multitude of new settlers to make the treacherous journey to the new world, leading to the whole colony of Virginia to grow to eventually contain hundreds of settlers and over a thousand acres of land ownership. Despite the message and end goal of Smith’s legacy, the Dream is more shallow in some regards. Early colonists mailed positive letters back to England describing lush areas of green and plentiful amounts of gold. In Reality, the land was somewhat marshy and minerals were nowhere to be found. The question begs to be asked: did John Smith lead a dream of lies? Is the American Dream a myth, originally fabricated for funding four-hundred years ago? Any American with any sense of freedom must disagree. John Smith paved the way for a society with freedom as the main course. John Smith paved the way for a
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