Obama the Machiavellian

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Spring 2012 – Western Studies II Research Assignment May 8, 2012 Is Obama a Prince? In the year 1531 the famous political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli’s wrote a treatise entitled The Prince. It explains the proper guidelines for a prince to successfully lead a republic. Although this sixteenth century politician’s main purpose was to unite a separate Italy, his political theories have been taken into deep consideration and are commonly exercised in politics today. If Machiavelli were alive today he would agree that qualities of the current president Barack Obama coincide with his prince-like standards and make him the ideal candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election. Residing in the Florence Italy during the Renaissance, the…show more content…
During his first year of presidency he focused on fixing areas of the government President Bush failed to properly oversee; one being aspects of Bush’s war on terrorism. Obama began his destruction with the CIA; in regards to interrogation tactics, Obama dispelled secret memos hidden by the Bush administration, causing much controversy in the government. This incident brought much attention to other faults that occurred during the previous presidents reign. As President Obama informed the United States of the illegal secrecies President Bush with his government agencies he successfully fulfilled Machiavelli’s guidelines stated in chapter three, “Of Mixed Principalities”. In this chapter he presents distinct approaches a prince should take when a new land is acquired. Machiavelli states “whoever acquires them, if he wants to hold them…the bloodline of their ancient prince must be eliminated”. As Obama unveiled many of Bush’s faults, he succeeded in turning the American people against their former leader. Along with Obama’s immediate action with Guantanamo Bay and the halting of government programs, this was another step closer to putting and end to Bush’s war on terrorism. Although Obama took time to criticize the previous Bush administration for the war on terrorism, he himself supported the war on terror by sending in more troops to Afghanistan his first year in office. In February of 2009 he sent 17,000
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