Obamacare : A Good Or Bad Choice?

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United States is a country for it well known health care system. There are several health care systems that are currently aiding millions of Americans. For example, Medicare is one of them and Affordable Care Act or also known as the Obamacare is also another health care system that is taking an enormous part in our society. Obamacare was drafted and finally revealed to the public on 23rd March, 2010 by President Barack Obama ; however, this policy is still a pain in the guts for Americans up to this day. In other words, up to this period of time this policy is still being debated throughout the entire country whether that Americans deliberate it as a good or bad choice. Townhall and Huffingtonpost are the two media sources that each of them share a variety of different types of bias. “How Much You’ve Paid To Promote Obamacare: Way More Than President Obama Promise” and “More Proof That Anti-Obamacare States Desperately Need Obamacare” are the two articles in which define the true vision of political perspective have on liberal and conservative. The first kind of bias is placement, Baker who is the author of “Types of Media Bias” claimed that article’s author tend to grab readers’ attention with interesting title. According to Bake’s idealistic, he stated, “Studies have shown that, in the case of the average newspaper reader

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