Obamacare: Affordable Care Act Essay

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In 2010 Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is a piece of reform designed to greatly to expand health care access. Since the Teddy Roosevelt administration there have been ideas on how to provide universal healthcare or a healthcare reform. It was then seen in Henry Truman’s campain where he used it as a platform in 1948 for the Democratic Party. Following that in the 1960’s you have major reforms that were created that we now know of as Medicare or Medicaid which are kind of socialism type of programs that are guaranteeing some type of health insurance for people with low income and also elderly and retirees. Yet even with those types of forms for the overall population in the 21st century the U.S still had…show more content…
Now let’s take a look at eight of the most important things about Obama Health Exchange program. So this part that I am going to talk about is sort of the part that everybody is mostly interested in. There are really three types of insurance standards that Obama Care is going to mandate. One of is going to be that young people can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 25 years old. So don’t quote me on this but that is going to cover about one million, two million people on the U.S that did not have health insurance before. The Second is that Health Insurance Companies are no longer going to be able to drop people that get sick, because obviously that is a risk and it’s going to be really costly for the insurance agency to keep that person on. So many instances insurance companies would find ways to drop that person. The Third thing that Obama care has planned out is that preexisting conditions will no longer stop somebody from being able to accessing insurance company from somebody that doesn’t have a preexisting insurance. So these three kinds of industry standards are going to cost the private insurance companies a whole lot of money. So somewhere we are going to have to make that money up for insurance companies. So let us look at the second major reform under Obama Care. The second part is essential benefits that you won’t have to pay co-payments any more. So if you go to the dentist office to take out a tooth or get

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