Obamacare : An Controversial Topic Amount American People

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Obamacare is an extremely controversial topic amount American people. What was originally supposed to help the uninsured receive insurance has turned out to be anything but that. Obamacare is one of the most unproductive investments that Obama and his administration team have unveiled. The time and effort they spent on Obamacare could have been spent coming up with a valid and cost effective way for uninsured Americans to obtain health coverage. Obamacare has caused many Americans to remain uninsured, and many have lost their existing coverage due to the new Affordable Healthcare Act. A solution to the problem is to let Americans choose the insurance they want and allow the government to crack down on insurance companies, not dictate what Americans can and cannot do. The major points of Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, are they have reduced the number of uninsured families (Millman). Secondly, an individual cannot be denied insurance if they have a preexisting condition (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). Third, it has made it easier for small businesses to obtain coverage (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). Fourth, Obamacare requires the individual states to expand their Medicaid programs for low income families (Slate), and finally the Act lowers the budget deficit over the next ten years. The Affordable Healthcare Act is slowing reducing the number of uninsured Americans; however, this has come at a great cost to some
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