Obamacare Economics Research Paper

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A Research Paper on Obamacare and its relationship to Economics and Policy Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Introduction The US’s health care system opposed to the other institutions better represents the wealth disparity effects. A substantial number of its citizens cannot afford health care, and if they do, they do not get high-quality care deserved (shortfalls). The Obamacare or Patient Protection and Affordable Care (PACA) Act of 2010 attempts to reform US Health Care (Amadeo, 2017; Cutler, 2012). Though PPACA does not rise to the challenge, health care is an admirable task to assume. Those who buy insurance together with the company significantly influences PPACA’s success. Its fault includes the Medicaid expansion, the…show more content…
Consequently, high fees will make bosses decrease staff volumes and raise prices, however, may not be beneficial to both the citizens and employers. For instance, the latter may be compelled to change their currently offered health care. Small business’ bosses may face fines if their current healthcare meets not the affordable minimum coverage. The uninsured as well, are under PPACA’s pressure (are burdened). PPACA may have an opposite effect contrary to its goal of expanding coverage to the uninsured residents if insurance companies hike their prices due to no competition resulting from the bill, compelling the uninsured to suffer penalty charges rather than purchasing the hiked-up insurances (shortfalls). Thus, avoiding insurance cover by the healthy young group means, those in dire need of it will be significantly impacted on: health insurance companies wants the healthier generation to get insured as their premiums cover the large bills for the relatively small, sick populations (anxiety). Otherwise, the insurance price would remain low, having more people signing up if a monopoly of insurance companies was not allowed. Medicaid is another PPACA’s fault which cripples underneath the present health care system’s burden. Interestingly, this bill mounts more pressure by expanding the population covered by Medicaid. Personally, additional 16million people to Medicaid rolls definitely going to exacerbate the situation (debacle). The reform
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