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The proposed Senate healthcare bill to replace Obamacare will face some steep challenges before it passes, and some healthcare analysts speculate the bill is D.O.A. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate's version of healthcare reform, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 on Thu. June 26, which basically echoes the House version of healthcare reform that failed to pass earlier in the year. Tax Credits, Subsidies and the Senate Proposal The Senate's healthcare bill focuses primarily on changes to Medicaid, but one of the striking proposals is the Senate tightening the requirements for tax credits toward premium costs in 2020. According to CNN Money, many middle-class Americans would not qualify for…show more content…
Under the Senate's current proposal, the new healthcare law would phase out those income limits over the next four years. Opponents argue many Americans would lose their coverage under Medicaid and the law forces them to use the new tax credits and obtain coverage through the insurance marketplace. The new bill proposed by the Senate also requires a provision where participants must maintain employment under the guidelines outlined by their state of residence. The new bill also shifts the measure used to determine growth in spending away from the CPI for medical services to the CPI that covers all goods and services, which cuts the amount of money the federal government would spend on Medicaid since the traditional CPI is a lower indicator of growth. Other Affects the Senate Proposal Has on Obamacare A dramatic impact the Senate's proposed healthcare reform would have on the ACA is the ability for states to opt-out of the essential health benefits portion of Obamacare. Under the ACA, there are 10 essential health benefits plans must cover such as prescription drugs, ambulatory services, lab services and mental health and substance abuse disorder treatments. If the new legislation became law, plans could scale back their coverage options and offer cheaper premiums with much higher out-of-pocket costs. Some opponents fear Americans with pre-existing conditions would have access to fewer services by allowing plans to roll back their

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