Obamacare Is An Affordable Health Care Plan

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Obama had promised to be as honest and open with everything that he could. Sadly, so far he has not done a good job being honest. For example, with Obamacare everyone was told that they could keep their doctor if they wanted to, but many people have already lost their doctors because of Obama care (Navarrette). This may not affect everyone or even seem like a huge deal but if you are comfortable talking to your doctor and then you are switched to someone new it can be hard. A single mom with three kids was forced to go to Obamacare because the company she was working for told her she had to just take her chances with it. Obamacare has had problems since day one. Before they let it out for public use they should have fixed all the glitches and made sure it was a good plan and was actually going to do its job to save people money. The purpose of Obamacare is to give Americans access to an affordable health care plan. The new law in 2014 is that everyone in the United States must have some type of health care plan. Americans who do not have a health care will have to pay a price on their tax return. The price is, “one percent higher than your income for the year or ninety five dollars per person in your household, whichever is higher.” (Long) This may not matter for some people, but others are having problems with that fact the price will also go up every year. “In 2015 it will be two percent of your income or three hundred and twenty five dollars per person in your house,
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