Obamacare Is The Idea As Bad As People Really Think?

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Obamacare, Is the Idea as Bad as People Really Think? President Barack Obama’s plan for healthcare reform was plan to make sure that every citizen no matter what his or her race, background, or economic status has quality affordable healthcare. With the passing of Obamacare, American citizens live longer as a result of effective healthcare coverage at a lower cost. Currently insurance companies have the power to deny coverage, drop people from their policies, and raise the cost of premiums. Whether you call the current healthcare reform Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, it was designed so that every American would have healthcare that is affordable. When you consider that the United States is said to be the land of opportunity, the thought of being sick and not being able to get the treatment that you need for an illness is unconstitutional. The discussion of Obamacare is on the lips of every Republican in the US Government. According to Sally Driscoll and Richard Grant, authors of “Counterpoint: The Free Market is More Effective at Improving Healthcare and Lowering Cost Than the Government”, the key to solving the non stop increasing cost of medical care and the number of citizens that are not insured is not a liberal payer (like single-payer) or even a non conservative (like total deregulation), but somewhere in the middle. The country needs a program that would broaden the competitiveness among the healthcare industry, and Obamacare will help every American
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