Obamacare Or Affordable Care Act

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Obamacare or Affordable care act (ACA) refers to the healthcare act introduced by President Obama in 2010 and represents one of the significant healthcare reforms since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The primary purpose of the reform was to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance, expand the reach of insurance, and reduce the costs of healthcare for both individuals and government. First, we will analyze the merits and disadvantages of Obamacare – PROS 1. Currently, 44 M people are uninsured and the reform will help provide affordable and quality healthcare to these people 2. ACA ensures that people with pre-existing health problems such as cancer, can no longer be denied coverage 3. As per ACA,…show more content…
ACA hasn’t made it easy for consumers and with so many moving parts and options, insurance shopping is very complicated and consumers risk over-buying or under-buying 6. There will be an increase in budget deficit in the short-term due and due to the increased demand for primary care visits, we might experience a shortage 12,500-31,000 physicians by 2025 From the analysis, it is evident that Healthcare reform is a complicated issue and I believe ACA is a right step in transforming the industry. Before, we decide on what’s the best course for Obamacare going forward, we need to understand the alternatives presented by the two main presidential candidates – Trump and Hillary – and analyze the possible alternatives. TRUMP – Two of the important components of Trump healthcare reform plan are 1. Repeal the ACA and introduce several new policies – According to the Congressional budget office (CBO), Trump’s plan will increase the number of net uninsured individuals by 21 million. One of the merits of the plan is it will allow insurance firms to sell across states. Though the plan might reduce costs but it would double the number of people without insurance 2. Turn Medicaid into a “block grant” program – Under t his plan, the federal government will pay each state a fixed allotment of dollars each year instead of paying a portion of state medicare costs (based on a matching rate). This has the

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