Obamacare : The Future Of Obamacare Essay

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The Future of Obamacare
After one of the most grueling presidential races in American history, the populous candidate Donald Trump has been elected by the American people as our next president. While campaigning, one of the first things that Trump vowed to accomplish in office was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (donaldjtrump.com). Trump should have no trouble doing this with the support of both the Republican senate and the Republican House. The consequences of what exactly will be done is a constantly argued topic and the phrase “repeal and replace Obamacare” has become a sort of buzzword in the media.
In 2010 President Barack Obama was on his first term as president and the senate was controlled by the democratic party, together they made the most significant transformation to the American healthcare system to date. They enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care, which would become universally known as Obamacare. Up until this point in American history, the only two government enacted healthcare reforms were Medicare and Medicaid which provide healthcare insurance to qualifying elderly citizens and low-income families (Dye and Gaddie 650). Citizens could be covered by private insurance companies by either paying for them or being provided health insurance through their employer. However, insurance premiums soared after the financial crisis hit and many employers stopped offering their employees insurance (Obama, whitehouse.gov). According to the
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