Obamacare: The Future of Healthcare

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These conditions range from just having asthma or breathing problems to a serious disease like diabetes or cancer. Getting treatments for these conditions costs a lot of money. If your child is one of the 17.6 million that has a health condition how are you going to pay for the expenses? Now the insurance companies will turn you down since he or she has a condition already Or will they? With the new health care law in place now your son can get the health insurance he needs to be healed in no time. The Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” is the law that will change health care forever. Obamacare will help Americans because it will give every American access to healthcare, lowers the healthcare costs while improving the quality, and will give patients new consumer protections. My first reason for supporting Obamacare is that there is now a variety of new consumer rights and protections for patients. Obamacare is the most munificent healthcare law in American history. Before Obamacare, patients could get taken advantage of by insurance companies. Insurance companies have two goals. Make money and keep money. Many companies are carnivorous trying to devour your money with many side plans. And when they get your money they keep it. If a child that had a condition like asthma or diabetes; insurance companies turned them down. Under the new healthcare law, no…
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