Obamas Caught In The Madness

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Nicole Dickey
Mrs. Slous
College Bound 12 (4W)
1 March 2017
Obamas Caught in the Madness A recent study conducted at Stanford found out that 82 percent of students cannot tell the difference between fake and real news (Crook). This is a major problem because it can affect people’s careers and even sway election results. Fake news occurs when hoax websites report false news. False news stories are reported every day and are being spread all over the internet. This is a huge dilemma in today’s world because “62 percent of the U.S. adults get their majority of news from social media …” (Crook). This type of news spreads so easily because people share outrageous stories without actually reading the story to realize it is false. Former president
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Barack Obama had to go to the jail in Hawaii to bail his daughters out after being arrested at a party for vandalism (“Breaking: Obama Daughters…”). This story, like every other story posted on was not true (Evon). This website “is a hoax news and satire site whose disclaimer notes that their content should be regarded as satirical and unreliable” (Evon). Nothing reported in this story actually happened. This was all a hoax and was reported to make Obamas daughters look like they were out of control. On the website it states that “all articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney” (Breaking: Obama Daughters…”). If the person on social media sharing this story would have actually read the whole story they would have figured out this was a false accusation made about Obamas daughters. Not only did his daughters get caught up in false news, but he did as…show more content…
This has recently become a major concern because it can have detrimental repercussions and affect people’s lives. There are many ways to take steps toward getting rid of fake news. Facebook and Google are taking major action to try and prevent fake news from being spread on their websites. One way they did this is by changing their algorithm which allowed fake news to be filtered out of their feed. Not only should companies be trying to combat fake news from being spread, but also the society as a whole should help this from happening. One way to prevent the increase of fake news is if social media users know how to spot fake news. Some things to look for when reading an article is the date the story was posted, the author, and even read beyond the headline to see if the article actually matches the outrageous headline. If we as a society do not change the way we share and view news, then nothing will change and fake news will eventually outshine the real
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