Obama's Victory

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There is no doubt that race was a factor in Obama’s victory but many other factors appear to hold more weight. I struggle to believe that a president can win over a majority of votes with the key factor being their race. There were many factors that Obama influenced himself as well as other factors that helped him win and many, while they may have been influenced by race, don’t have a direct correlation.

The Obama campaign was incredibly innovative and different to McCain’s for a number of reasons. One of the main factors that contributed to his victory was the original way he raised finance for the campaign. By fundraising 57% of the campaign through donations smaller than $200 made online, Obama was able to raise a staggering $745 million.
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Obama outspent McCain by two on advertising which would have resulted in more awareness of his policies as well as more exposure to the population. Additionally, he also turned down matching public finance which enabled him to have more flexibility and freedom to spend money on what he liked. Although we see a very sizable increase in smaller donations research shows that the proportion of African American donors has stayed the same which implies that this very significant factor had nothing to do with a surge in African American funding and we can therefore put this feat down to other reasons rather than race. Obama, had a wider platform to win votes, and he used this effectively to convey his personality and future intensions. The popularity of Obama’s personality was also a very significant factor as well as the balance of Joe Biden as vice president and Michelle as second lady. Obama, before becoming a senator, worked as a community organiser for low-income residents in Chicago which made him popular and portrayed him as the obvious candidate for those who wanted change in civil rights and issues facing the lower income population, as well as Michelle supporting…show more content…
Obama was the figurehead for change and with 62% of America believing that it was on the wrong track he harnessed voters looking for reform and therefore made him a more attractive candidate. McCain’s association with Bush in the initial stages of the election made him unpopular as we can see from his approval ratings when leaving office which were 30%. It is clear that it was a deciding factor with 90% of Obama’s voters thinking that McCain’s policies were an extension of Bushes’. McCain was also the republican representative which already severely reduced his chances because it was very unlikely that a republican nominee would be elected three terms in a row. These factors have nothing to do with race and were arguably some of the most significant factors to his win. Additionally, there was no comparison between vice president nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. While it was an attempt to compliment McCain the choice of Sarah Palin undermined the republican image and 60% of the US saw her as unqualified and was publically ridiculed in the press and on shows like Saturday night live. There was no comparison between her and Joe Biden and her inability to hold her own in debates and interviews discredited the whole republican nomination. This factor, again, has nothing to do with race but a failure on the opposition’s part to select a nominee that was comparable to Biden. Overall these
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