Obelk In Modern Society

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The obelisk is one of the most marvelous and astonishing pieces of art from ancient Egypt. As soon as you see one, you are immediately amazed by its height and strength. It is stunning to see how such a simple shape can affect an entire society. These stone giants should be amongst the seven wonders of the ancient world due to their beauty and detail. Also the obelisk served a very important role in society due to it symbolizing the sun god, Ra, and Egyptians were very serious about their gods. In addition to that the obelisk is covered in hieroglyphics that tell the stories of the gods and dedications of emperors. Recently obelisks have undergone a change in their use and meaning in modern society, for the better or for the worse. The obelisk…show more content…
(Image 3) This obelisk is somewhat similar to the ancient Egyptian obelisk. It still has a square base that thins out and is topped off with a pyramid shape. However it has a lot of differences. The first was that it was made out of marble, not red granite. Secondly, it is not one, 555-foot piece of granite, but rather a series of granite blocks stacked on top of each other. Also the Washington Monument doesn’t have hieroglyphics on it, but it does have some carved portraits of George Washington in action on some of the blocks. Compared to the significance of ancient Egyptian obelisk, the Washington Monument differs greatly. In ancient Egypt, obelisks were used for religious purposes and as a sign of respect for their gods. Now the obelisk is being used as a dedication to people and is seen as just a big stone and not as a symbol of Ra. However, a lot of obelisks in the modern world are still true to their ancient Egyptian origins because a lot of them are from ancient…show more content…
It is 82 feet tall and weighs 254 tons. Normally a pair of obelisks would be placed in front of a temple, however the brother obelisk is now in France. Also because it still resides in Egypt in front of a temple, it is still being used as a symbol of Ra and is being fully appreciated in its beauty. In addition to that, some local Egyptians do pray to the obelisk. In the past 3000 years the obelisk has experienced a series of changes that have morphed its usage and looks. The obelisk is no longer being used for religious purposes and it no longer has as much as an effect on society as before. However, it has become a symbol of Egyptian culture and a symbol of structure and balance. Hopefully the obelisk continues its development into society and who knows, maybe in 3000 years it’s going to have a completely different
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