Obese children in America Essay

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The biggest health crisis in our nation is obesity (Carmona, 2003). It affects everyone everywhere. In today’s society, one out of every three children are considered obese (“overweight and obesity,” 2009). Child obesity has become a raging conflict and solutions must be presented to reduce it. One might think that the reason so many children are obese is from eating too much food, but in reality there are many more variables. The chance of being obese increases forty-one percent if a child has a TV in his or her bedroom and watches more than two hours a day (Adams, 2010). Some other factors include: belonging to a single- parent family, living in an area without means of physical activity, genetics and lifestyle habits…show more content…
These unhealthy eating decisions lead to unnecessary weight gain. Some research has been done that concludes that Spanish-Speaking Hispanics and black kids have a greater chance to be obese (Adams, 2010). There is much evidence showing that obesity is connected to cultures and the life styles that come with them, communities, and income levels of families. It is also proven that a child has more of a chance becoming obese if there is another member in the family who is overweight. There are some other reasons as to why children gain weight like genetic problems or certain medications, but the percentage of obese children because of those reasons do not even compare to the percentage of children who are obese for over eating and laziness. One can assume that an unhealthy weight is not that big of a problem. But obesity is not an issue to be taken lightly. Obesity can lead to many serious health risks and psychological problems. Some serious health problems include: type two diabetes, asthma, bone and joint problems, restless or disordered sleep patterns, and liver and gall bladder disease ("Overweight and obesity,"2009). Studies show that a majority of obese children have at least one of the other chronic diseases such as, diabetes, asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or depression (Adams, 2010). In New York City, one out of every four children that attends public schools is overweight (Carmona,
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