Obesity : A Better Snack And Act

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Summary of Article Obesity continues to negatively affect developed countries. According to the report, the main reason for obesity is the ease of food availability in these countries. The Iowa Department of Public Health plans on improving the health of children though BASICS (Building and Strengthening Iowa Community Support for Nutrition and Physical Activity Program). The key improvements BASICS focused on were the substitution of unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables, eating fat-free or calcium rich products, and for the children to be physically active. The program provided 20,000 students with low-income nutrition classes. The programs campaign “Pick a better snack & Act,” the campaign used by BASICS to encourage the consumption of vegetables and fruits, uses social cognitive theory when they are instruction the children. The purpose of the study was to see how the programs affected the children. There are several hypothesis which include if BASICS influenced the health behaviors of the children’s and/or if it affected the behaviors of the parents or if "Pick a better snack & Act" affected the behaviors of the children and/or it affected the behavior of the parents. The program had several labels, which included “Fruits and Vegetables”, “Television”, and “Milk Products.” The models were used to study how educational program affected the participants. The models were for all participants and by gender and income separately. All of the data was

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