Obesity : A Common Problem

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Obesity has become a common problem in society. The main debate now, is why it has suddenly become so prominent and how we can help lower the obesity rate in future generations. There are many different beliefs surrounding obesity and this article is one of the more controversial ones. Included in this article are different types of experiments and evidence that are meant to sway the audience in to agreeing with the author, even if that means mocking and criticizing the evidence and theories he disagrees with. We have always believed that obesity was caused by a lack of exercise and a healthy diet, but this article challenges that. Written by David Berreby, “The Obesity Era” is an article that delves deeper in to obesity and the scientific theories behind it. The author explains that “for the first time in human history, overweight people outnumber the overfed” (Berreby). This problem is being combated with weight loss organizations, such as Weight Watchers, and pricey products and surgeries that are supposed to help you lose weight. Most of the experts blame obesity on the person and their lack of eating healthy foods and exercising. But, Berreby believes that obesity is caused by chemicals within our bodies. These chemicals make it easier to gain weight and can even be passed down through our kids. “A past of undernutrition, combined with a present of overnutrition, is an obesity trap” (Berreby). This is with the thought that if you or your parents were undernourished,
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