Obesity : A Common Problem

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Obesity is a common problem in America that continues to increase throughout the years. It is a problem because of the life threatening side effects that are posed to a lot of individuals. A lot of blame is placed on the laziness of the modern times. People are getting lazy and don’t go outside or have any form of exercise anymore. Meanwhile, there are fast food chains catering to these people, continuing to increase everywhere people go. It is common knowledge that fast food is not healthy. Unhealthy foods are lot cheaper than the cheaper foods people can be consuming instead. In addition to prices, fast food is also a lot quicker to attain. These low prices and easy access are what attract people to the food and keep them coming back and in turn, contributing to the factors of weight gain in the country. This is why there is a large debate on how food industries are to blame for the increased food consumption leading to weight gain. There are many factors involved when it comes to obesity, but whether fast food or individual responsibility is to blame will be analyzed. The measure of body fat are usually categorized under the classifications of either underweight, healthy weight, overweight, or obese. This is based on the body mass index of individuals, which is a measure derived from a person’s mass and height. Having a BMI of above 25 would be considered overweight. Becoming overweight and obesity occurs when the intake of calories is greater than the calories burned.
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