Obesity : A Condition Of Excess Body Fat That Affect People Of All Ages

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27, 2016 Obesity is a condition of excess body fat that affect people of all ages. Unfortunately, children are the most affected generation of obesity. In the United States, the obesity rate has increased over the past years causing diseases and health problems. There are many causes of obesity, such as over-eating, genes, hormones, and the lack of physical activities. “They Say/ I Say” book includes two articles that discuss the obesity epidemic in the United States. The first article, “Don’t Blame the Eater”, Zinczenko blames the fast-food industry for making people fat, and states that fast-food meals were the only affordable option for American children to consume. In the second article, “What You Eat Is Your Business”, Balko argues that blaming food industry is a wrong path people follow instead of fostering a sense of responsibility of what they eat. Realistically, fast-food meals are the major, but not the only cause of obesity; therefore, the government should offer and enforce laws upon the food industry that make healthier meals cost less than unhealthy ones rather than enforce laws that overtax fast food without considering people’s responsibility to their bodies and the liberty of the public. Fast-food meals are a huge part of everyone’s daily life. Because people’s life gets busier with time, fast-food restaurants become the easiest and fastest way for them to eat and feed their children. What parents do not realize is how much those fast-food meals are bad
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