Obesity: A Documentary Analysis

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Some links between the environment and behavior in regards to the issue of obesity include the mentality of scarcity. This means that our DNA is still wired to think that we have a scarcity in food, so when we eat a lot of high calorie food when is it available. Then once we eat these high fat foods, it suppresses the hormones that tell us we are full which results in us overeating and gaining more weight. Additionally, society in general is a key link in our behaviors regarding obesity. We are now industrialized and our jobs have become more sedentary, which means that physical labor has decreased. People in our society drive almost everywhere. People also spend a great majority of their time in front of the TV which again results in decreasing…show more content…
This is because we have learned that an individual’s behavior is affected and influenced by other factors like environment, genetics, socioeconomic status, etc. As we learned in the documentary, obesity is a result of fast foods being cheaper than fresh fruits and vegetables. High rates of overweight and obesity is in lower-income neighborhoods because of this phenomenon. People who are tight on money make sure to buy what is readily available, large portions, and high calorie foods because of scarcity, as mentioned in the documentary. Additionally, Lack of parks in lower-income neighbors mean that children are not getting enough exercise to help combat rates of overweight and obesity. Our DNA is still wired to crave fat, sugar-filled, and high calorie foods like our ancestors. However, unlike our ancestors, we live in a modern industrialized society that produces surplus foods that we do not have to hunt and gather. This means our rates of physical activity goes down because we do not need to work as hard to get food. Obesity is a result of all factors influencing an individual’s behavior. One cannot begin to combat obesity if every outlet is promoted high calorie foods. To show that obesity is not an individual’s choice is the scene in the corner store of the documentary. The owner of the store brings up the point that some of these children do not have a choice in what they eat because
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