Obesity : A Global Issue

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Over the past few years, increasing number of people all over the world, especially Americans, have reached to the low-carb bandwagon. With thirty one percent populations being obese, the United States has turns out to be the country with the highest number of obese inhabitants in the world. Obesity is a global issue and has become a crucial epidemic, effecting an estimated ten percent children and teenagers across the world with a substantial probability of having various health issues and a range of added co-morbidities during childhood and teenage (Lobstein, 2004). The entire world, especially America is undoubtedly in crisis due to the continuous rise in obesity at an alarming rate. Obesity is a global prevalence; there are physical, psychological, social, economic, environmental, and biological influences on obesity, with prevention being the only conceivable way out. Childhood obesity is likewise on the rise, and it is important to educate and inform parents about the reasons and preventive measures that could be taken. The disproportion of calories intake and calories used can be a consequence of a number of factors including behavioral, genetics and ecological influences. Unless there is a far-reaching cultural, behavioral, physical, and environmental change among people regarding diet and physical activity in America, obesity rates will most likely continue to rise. Now a days, we do not even wonder that why children are not spending time running and playing
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