Obesity : A Growing Disease

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Introduction Obesity is a growing disease within our ever quickening, largely sedentary society. The American Obesity Treatment Organization reported the current obesity problem in the US as 72 million people dealing with this disease and associated risk factors. Obesity is a disease that affects both adults and children. The CDC lists related risk factors of this disease as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, Type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and stroke ("Adult Obesity Facts"). Obesity is highly prevalent in Florida with rates as high as 25-30% (“Obesity Prevalence Maps”). As a nation, the goal set by Healthy People 2020 is to reduce the rate of obesity to less than 15% and as the data and statistics clearly show Florida is nowhere near that goal. For these reasons, obesity should be considered a highly important issue for public health within this state and as such, it is important that strategies and interventions are developed to help treat and prevent this disease from spreading. This report will outline the strategies and interventions that have been discussed at the health department, lay out the pros and cons, viability, effectiveness, and acceptance by the public of each strategy and intervention. Lastly, the department’s recommended course of action will be discussed. Analysis of Strategies/Interventions Tax snack-food and fast-food sales The pros of this are increased revenue for the state that could go back towards health promotion programs helping to

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