Obesity : A Growing Problem

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As the world around us evolves, it is affecting many aspects of life. Some of these changes cause many problems in health care. With more technology and quicker access to things, health problems in general seem unattainable at times. Many parents are working more days and longer hours at work, leaving many children at home to feed themselves. As a result, many children and adolescents are eating at fast food places for various reasons: eating at a fast food place has cheap, quick access, and takes no waiting time. Through the years studies have shown an increase in obesity throughout the country. This is a major cause of concern for Americans. Research has shown that factors like socioeconomic status, race/ ethnicity, and poor eating…show more content…
“School-based interventions may be effective if there is sufficient administrative support, reorganization of the physical education structure, and a shift from competition to an orientation of life-long fitness”. (Green). It is unfortunate when schools make budgets cuts and eliminate physical education classes or reduce afterschool programs that involve sports of fitness. There need to be more support for the school systems in influencing changes against obesity. Physical education programs throughout the nation must take a proactive approach in combining fitness, counseling, dieting, and proper nutrition to assist children suffering from obesity (Green). When schools redirect their focus to help stop or reduce obesity in children, it is necessary that parents also reinforce physical activities at home. Parents are a potentially powerful voice in the fight against childhood obesity (Schwartz). If parents continue to reinforce physical activities at home then children will make it more of a lifestyle. Parents and family play a major role by encouraging and supporting children to become more involved in physical activities. The encouragement from parents and teachers will make sedentary activities appear less attractive to kids. Increasing physical activity is a rather simple first step in adjusting to a healthier lifestyle as well as a step in reducing obesity in children. This country faces a ton of health concerns. The government cannot govern

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