Obesity : A Growing Problem

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In the most developed countries, especially in the United Kingdom, obesity is a growing problem and causes serious morbidity in western countries. The appearance of obesity is affecting the general public. The connection to be overweight or obesity is because of the body absorb calories more than the necessary. Western-style diet, lack of outdoors activities, emotions and genetics are the main reasons leading to people who suffer the obesity. The number of obesity continues to rise as a signal, conduce the public and government concern the strategies to handle this situation. To combat the obesity, government and health organizations focus on advice for diet and activity, medicine management, bariatric surgery and psychological coaching. The effectiveness of these solutions has varying degrees and evaluating the success of them can assist the research in the long term. Lack of outdoors activities is the major risk factor for obesity. According to Pietilainen K. H. al. (2008), physical inactivity in adolescence strongly and independently predicts total and especially abdominal obesity in young adulthood, favoring the development of a self-perpetuating vicious circle of obesity and physical inactivity. As well known, technology has improved to make our lives easier than before, individuals and families used to surfing the Internet, spending times with televisions, playing video games, humans are not going to have outdoor activities. In addition, since our living standard has

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